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The ugly painting project

I am a big fan of to work shown at the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA), and especially the MOBA zoo collection. So when I heard we are doing an ugly painting project, I seized the opportunity to paint my own furry friend.

Now, art being subjective, what are the keys to successfully making a bad painting? Well, a good rule of thumb is - try to break any of the rules of composition or color harmony that you've been shoveling into your brain over the years. Main subject in dead middle of the canvas, with vital elements tightly cropped by the edge of your canvas? Score! Muddy, all over the place colors? Nice! Don't have a focal point? Well done!

Ok, so here goes my kitty:

I did intend to make its eyes human-like for a good measure, but I got creeped out and called it a day.

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